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SubjectRe: [patch 1/5]thp: improve the error code path
On Wed, Nov 09, 2011 at 06:43:58PM -0800, David Rientjes wrote:
> You're right, but I agree that the #ifdef's just make the function error
> handling much too complex. Would you mind adding sysfs_*_out labels at
> the end of the function to handle these errors instead? And I think we
> should be doing khugepaged_slab_init() and mm_slots_hash_init() before
> initializing sysfs.
> Something like
> out:
> khugepaged_slab_free();
> mm_slots_hash_free(); <-- after you remove it from #if 0
> return err;
> sysfs_khugepaged_out:
> sysfs_remove_group(hugepage_kobj, &khugepaged_attr_group);
> sysfs_hugepage_out:
> sysfs_remove_group(hugepage_kobj, &hugepage_attr_group);
> ...
> goto out;
> #endif

Before after won't matter much I guess... If you really want to clean
the code, I wonder what is exactly the point of those dummy functions
if we can't call those outside of #ifdefs. I mean a cleanup that adds
more #ifdefs when there are explicit dummy functions which I assume
are meant to be used outside of #ifdef CONFIG_SYSFS doesn't sound so
clean in the first place. I understand you need to refactor the code
above to call those outside of #ifdefs but hey if you're happy with
#ifdef I'm happy too :). It just looks fishy to read sysfs.h dummy
functions and #ifdefs. When I wrote the code I hardly could have
wondered about the sysfs #ifdefs but at this point it's only cleanups
I'm seeing so I actually noticed that.

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