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    Subjectip_local_deliver_finish: proto 108 (IPComp) isn't netns-ready
    Hi All,

    LTP-network tests produced:

    "ip_local_deliver_finish: proto 108 (IPComp) isn't netns-ready"

    Is the above a bug or feature (IPComp, mode: transport) not netns


    * v3.1-stable kernel.

    * Configured two network-namespaces via "ip netns add ...".
    on a single system: netns0 (assigned as server) and
    netns1 (assigned as client).
    - assigned multiple physical NICs to netns0 and netns1.

    * Entered netns1 (ip netns exec netns1 bash) to execute
    ltp-network suite of tests between netns1 and netns0.

    * The following LTP tests produced messages:

    "kernel: ip_local_deliver_finish: proto 108 isn't netns-ready"

    - /usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/icmp4-multi-diffip06
    - /usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/tcp4-multi-diffip13
    - /usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/udp4-multi-diffip06
    - /usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/udp4-multi-diffnic06
    - /usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/udp4-multi-diffport06

    * I also noticed missing ".netns_ok = 1" in:


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