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SubjectRe: Add IPSec IP Range in Linux kernel
> On Mon, 2011-11-07 at 19:10 -0800, Daniil Stolnikov wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Found that the stack IPSec in Linux does not support any IP range. Many people ask this question. The archives say strongswan said that their daemon supports a range, but the Linux IPSec stack supports only the subnets. I am writing to you to implement support for IP range in Linux. I think that a lot more people will appreciate this innovation.

> It'd be even better if you could write a patch for us to review.

> Cheers,
> -PJ

I was a little not so put it:) I'd certainly be happy and he would write a patch, but I'm afraid do not have the necessary knowledge to implement IPSec Linux. I turned to you, the developers, but rather to urge you to implement this feature using IP range. I hope very much for your help and support. This is especially beneficial for all - the Linux kernel will be more flexible and more compatible with different devices and software.

Daniil Stolnikov

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