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    SubjectRe: [patch 00/10] memcg naturalization -rc5
    On Tue,  8 Nov 2011 22:23:18 +0100
    Johannes Weiner <> wrote:

    > This is version 5 of the memcg naturalization patches.
    > They enable traditional page reclaim to find pages from the per-memcg
    > LRU lists, thereby getting rid of the double-LRU scheme (per global
    > zone in addition to per memcg-zone) and the required extra list head
    > per each page in the system.
    > The only change from version 4 is using the name `memcg' instead of
    > `mem' for memcg pointers in code added in the series.
    > This series is based on v3.2-rc1.
    > memcg users and distributions are waiting for this because of the
    > memory savings. The changes for regular users that do not create
    > memcgs in addition to the root memcg are minimal, and even smaller for
    > users that disable the memcg feature at compile time. Lastly, ongoing
    > memcg development, like the breaking up of zone->lru_lock, fixing the
    > soft limit implementation/memory guarantees and per-memcg reclaim
    > statistics, is already based on this.
    > Thanks!

    Thank you !.

    It seems this series is in -mm now and all memcg patches should be based
    on this work.

    Note: Everyone, please CC about cgroup related


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