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Subject[GIT PULL 3.1.x-stable] AMD F15h cache aliasing fixes
Hi Greg,

as previously discussed, here are the 4 patches needed for addressing
the issue in $Subject. I'm sending them as mails but I have them also in
a git-pullable form in case you'd like to verify them:

git:// l1i-3.1.x

Here are the patches on the branch above along with SHA1s (from the
bottom up):

388e48924e2a891c42262ce2a8bc2479bd5984ec x86-32, amd: Move va_align definition to unbreak 32-bit build
31743a0af6a31c82897eaa55b81b41a8d5e48094 x86, amd: Move BSP code to cpu_dev helper
277d13f2fdd7af1cc785d627835c67af2865defa x86: Add a BSP cpu_dev helper
4143701b737dfb1443be126910330e570d4041a7 x86, amd: Avoid cache aliasing penalties on AMD family 15h

Please apply,


Advanced Micro Devices GmbH
Einsteinring 24, 85609 Dornach
GM: Alberto Bozzo
Reg: Dornach, Landkreis Muenchen
HRB Nr. 43632 WEEE Registernr: 129 19551
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