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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2a/5] Remove unsafe clock values from omap1_defconfig
* Janusz Krzysztofik <> [111128 13:26]:
> I'm not sure which of the patches you meant not ready for 3.2-rc. From
> your comment I would conclude that only patch 3/5, which would really
> break omap1_defconfig booting on some boards, is questionable, while you
> posted this comment against patch 1/5, which I don't see how it could
> break booting, including omap1_defconfig.

Sorry for the delay in replying, yes you're right looks like it's allowing
the rate changes currently that would break things in 3/5.

> Anyway, I hope that the additional patch below is addressing all your
> concerns.

I'd rather not modify omap1_defconfig as a fix assuming that we'll be
removing all those options anyways the next merge window together with
your new patch.

Can you please split your series into two: Fix(es) for the -rc cycle,
then patches that can be left for the next merge window.



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