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SubjectRE: [PATCH 6/8] x86, topology.c: Enable CPU0 online/offline
> > +	bsp_hotplug	[X86] BSP (aka CPU0) is hotpluggable.
> > + Suspend/resume depends on BSP. It's said some PCI
> > + quirks depend on BSP too. But not sure which quirks.
> Right, not sure what breaks. Go ahead and watch your machine explode.
> > + If don't care the dependencies, you can turn on
> > + bsp_ hotplug. Suspend will fail if BSP is offlined
> and
> > + you need to online BSP before suspend/resume.
> And you forgot poweroff and reboot, which have similar dependencies on
> some machines. That whole low level ACPI stuff is sensitive.

I tested poweroff, shutdown, and reboot with various reboot_type on a few different platforms. I haven't seen poweroff and reboot issues after CPU0 is offline.

Do you have specific platforms that I can test poweroff and reboot dependency on CPU0? Or we just assume there are some platforms out there that depend on CPU0 for poweroff/reboot?



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