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SubjectRe: [PATCH] new cgroup controller "fork"
On Thu, Nov 03, 2011 at 05:59:03PM +0100, Max Kellermann wrote:
> On 2011/11/03 17:43, Glauber Costa <> wrote:
> > I do have a couple of questions about this, but the most important
> > one is: Is this a competing implementation, or a cooperative effort
> > with Frederic's ?
> Short answer: competing.
> Long answer: I do not know Frederic's patch. This is a repost of a
> patch that I submitted 9 months ago:
> After little discussion, nobody seemed to be interested in it, and
> nobody merged it. I reposted it today, not knowing somebody else had
> come up with a similar idea meanwhile.

Woops, sorry I never heard about it before I started working on this.
Otherwise I would have tried to work with you.

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