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    SubjectSimultaneous cat and external keyboard input causing kernel panic

    I encountered a kernel panic with the 3.1.0 kernel on a Dell Latitude
    E6410 while inputting simultaneously from the integrated keyboard with
    a cat and from the external keyboard myself. I was trying to type my
    password with the external keyboard (pw dialog already visible), but I
    noticed that the computer didn't seem responsive to my typing. Then
    suddenly the cat shifted his position and there was a kernel panic
    involving input handling. I'm now using i8042.nokbd kernel parameter
    as a workaround, something I've found useful also earlier.

    I wonder if anyone else is experiencing similar problems? This didn't
    seem to happen with 3.0, which was the first kernel version I used on
    this E6410. Although it has to be noted that the internal keyboard
    input was not yet as heavy either at that time. Please test if you can
    reproduce the problem.

    Photos of the panic at
    The first one was taken about ten seconds after the panic and shows
    the original cat positioning. The two other ones show alternative
    possible positions together with more of the panic text. There is also
    one photo showing the pre-crash setup, which I happened to take
    without anticipating a panic. The similar but black input weight was
    not in use.

    The kernel was tainted because the Intel "mei" module from staging was
    loaded. The kernel used was the final 3.1 from the ubuntu mainline ppa
    archives for amd64.

    Thank you,

    Timo Jyrinki

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