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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 3.2-rc2 4/30] uprobes: Define hooks for mmap/munmap.
> > > > +                       ret = install_breakpoint(vma->vm_mm, uprobe);
> > > > + if (ret == -EEXIST) {
> > > > + atomic_inc(&vma->vm_mm->mm_uprobes_count);
> > > > + ret = 0;
> > > > + }
> > >
> > > Aren't you double counting that probe position here? The one that raced
> > > you to inserting it will also have incremented that counter, no?
> > >
> >
> > No we arent.
> > Because register_uprobe can never race with mmap_uprobe and register
> > before mmap_uprobe registers .(Once we start mmap_region,
> > register_uprobe waits for the read_lock of mmap_sem.)
> >
> > And we badly need this for mmap_uprobe case. Because when we do mremap,
> > or vma_adjust(), we do a munmap_uprobe() followed by mmap_uprobe() which
> > would have decremented the count but not removed it. So when we do a
> > mmap_uprobe, we need to increment the count.
> Ok, so I didn't parse that properly last time around.. but it still
> doesn't make sense, why would munmap_uprobe() decrement the count but
> not uninstall the probe?
> install_breakpoint() returning -EEXIST on two different conditions
> doesn't help either.
> So what I think you're doing is that you're optimizing the unmap case
> since the memory is going to be thrown out fixing up the instruction is
> a waste of time, but this leads to the asymmetry observed above. But you

Yes, we are optimizing the unmap case, because we expect the memory to
be thrown out.

> fail to mention this in both the changelog or a comment near that
> -EEXIST branch in mmap_uprobe.
> Worse, you don't explain how the other -EEXIST (!consumers) thing
> interacts here, and I just gave up trying to figure that out since it
> made my head hurt.

install_breakpoints cannot have !consumers to be true when called from
register_uprobe. (Since unregister_uprobe() which does the removal of
consumer cannot race with register_uprobe().)

Now lets consider mmap_uprobe() being called from vm_adjust(), the
preceding unmap_uprobe() has already decremented the count but left the
count intact.

if consumers is NULL, unregister_uprobes() has kicked already in, so
there is no point in inserting the probe, Hence we return EEXIST. The
following unregister_uprobe() (or the munmap_uprobe() which might race
before unregister_uprobe) is also going to decrement the count. So we
have a case where the same breakpoint is accounted as removed twice. To
offset this, we pretend as if the breakpoint is around by incrementing
the count.

Would it help if I add an extra check in mmap_uprobe?

int mmap_uprobe(...) {
ret = install_breakpoint(vma->vm_mm, uprobe);
if (ret == -EEXIST) {
if (!read_opcode(vma->vm_mm, vaddr, &opcode) &&
(opcode == UPROBES_BKPT_INSN))
ret = 0;

The extra read_opcode check will tell us if the breakpoint is still
around and then only increment the count. (As in it will distinguish if
the mmap_uprobe is from vm_adjust).

Thanks and Regards

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