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    SubjectRe: i915: 3.2 rc1/2 KMS regression
    2011/11/26 Keith Packard <>:
    > On Sat, 26 Nov 2011 10:55:31 +0100, Patrik Kullman <> wrote:
    >> Well, booting the broken kernel freezes the machine unless I specify
    >> i915.modeset=0.
    > Freezes it so you can't even access it over the network? That would be
    > quite surprising.

    As far as I can tell it does, Caps Lock doesn't respond, for example.
    Also, the machine doesn't have an Ethernet port, the USB->Ethernet
    adapter isn't supported in mainline kernel and I don't have a
    convenient way to auto-logon to wireless.

    Hope we can do without this log?

    >> Do you want a log in that configuration?
    > No, those wouldn't be useful (modeset=0 doesn't do a lot of
    > modesetting :-)
    >> I will provide the logs next week when I have my charger back...
    > Thanks.
    > --

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