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    SubjectRe: [RFC] Make Yama pid_ns aware
    Quoting Vasiliy Kulikov (
    > Actually, what concerns me is not ptrace, but symlink/hardling
    > protection. There is no interaction between namespaces in case of
    > containers via symlinks in the basic case. In case of ptrace I don't
    > think the child ns may weaken the parent ns - child ns may not access
    > processes of the parent namespace and everything it may ptrace is
    > already inside of this ns.

    Oh, yes. If you're saying the symlink protection shouldn't be
    per-pidns, I agree it seems an odd fit.

    How about a version of this patch leaving symlink protection
    out of pidns (maybe in user ns), and just putting ptrace
    protection per-pidns?


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