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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 3.2-rc2 0/30] uprobes patchset with perf probe support
Hi Stephen, 

> > > uprobes git is hosted at git://
> > > with branch inode_uprobes_v32rc2.
> >
> > Given that uprobes has been reviewed several times on LKML and all
> > comments till now have been addressed, can we push uprobes into either
> > -tip or -next. This will help people to test and give more feedback and
> > also provide a way for it to be pushed into 3.3. This also helps in
> > resolving and pushing fixes faster.
> OK, I have added that to linux-next with you as the contact,

Thanks a lot for adding uprobes to linux-next.

I am already getting feedback on things to improve.

> > If you have concerns, can you please voice them?
> You should tidy up the commit messages (they almost all have really bad
> short descriptions) and make sure that the authorship is correct in all
> cases.

I have relooked at the commit messages.
Have also resolve Dan Carpenter's comments on git log --oneline
not showing properly.

> Also, I would prefer a less version specific branch name (like "for-next"
> or something) that way you won't have to keep asking me to change it over
> time. If there is any way you can host this on, that will
> make the merging into Linus' tree a bit smoother.

I have created a for-next branch at git://
My account isnt re-activated yet because I still need to
complete key-signing. I will try to get that done at the earliest.
Till then, I would have to host on github.

Please do let me know if there is anything that I have missed out.
Thanks and Regards

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