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SubjectRe: 3.2.0-rc1 panic on PowerPC
On Sun, 2011-11-20 at 17:17 -0800, Christian Kujau wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Nov 2011 at 11:58, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > I've seen something similar with 3.2-rc2 at cfcfc9ec, unfortunately I
> > couldn't capture the oops log at the time.
> It just happened again today, after heavy CPU & IO load (rsyncing from/to
> external disks on dm-crypt). This time the oops was printed on the screen
> but nothing on netconsole:
> It looks like the oops I reported earlier (oops2m.JPG) so I doubt it's a
> random corruption due to hardware issues...?

Yeah it's starting to look like a pattern. Your latest oops looks a lot
like the one I had (though it was with tg3 on the g5), ie, vfs_read ->
driver -> allocator -> crash.

> Any debug or boot options to set in my next kernel build?

Well, you can turn everything on see whether that makes any difference
or finds something a bit more precisely


> Thanks,
> Christian.
> > Looks like there's some kind of memory corruption happening. So far I
> > haven't been able to get a good target at what could be causing it.

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