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SubjectRe: [PATCH] config: Add 'make kvmconfig'
On 2.11.2011 10:17, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Michal Marek <> wrote:
>> On 2.11.2011 09:41, Ingo Molnar wrote:
>>> Yeah. Note that it's more like an 'add' operation, not a modify
>>> operation, thus:
>>> make addconfig=kvm
>>> or:
>>> make addconfig kvm
>>> would be intuitive and would work well too.
>>> Sam, Michal, which one would you prefer? The latter might have the
>>> advantage that it's additive, enabling future usages like:
>>> make addconfig kvm debug
>> The problem is that neither of these fit into the make command syntax:
>> make addconfig kvm debug
>> tells make to build three different targets, and
>> make addconfig=kvm
>> tells make to create a variable named addconfig with the value kvm
>> and build the default target. And BTW, you or someone else
>> reassured me earlier in the thread that this is going to be needed
>> for the kvm case solely, so why are you inventing something generic
>> now? :)
> Because we are trying to find *something* that is both usable and
> which you guys are willing to ack.
> So what's your suggestion? Is 'make kvmconfig' OK?

As I said, make kvmconfig is fine with me, if it's just this single case.


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