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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] pch_uart: Delete modem status interrupt enable code
(2011/11/01 21:57), Alan Cox wrote:
>> (pch_uart device has auto hardware flow control function. So,
>> pch_uart driver doesn't have to control modem status interrupt.)
> This is true for flow control bits but not for incoming carrier detect ?

Called ".get_mctrl" function, other software can know incoming carrier
Or you mean a uart driver must detect incoming carrier with interrupt ?

>> This patch deletes the code.
>> + dev_info(priv->,
>> + "PCH UART : Modem status interrupt is not
>> supported.\n"); }
> dev_info seems wrong here. Does the user need to know this ?
OK, a user doesn't have to know the information.
I will delete the dev_info.

ROHM Co., Ltd.

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