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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Don't hang user processes if Kerberos ticket for nfs4 mount expires
    Jeff Layton wrote:

    Uhhh, no...EKEYEXPIRED was never passed to userland. The patchset that
    added EKEYEXPIRED returns in this codepath also added the code to make
    it hang.

    This not a bug, or at least it's intentional behavior. When a krb5
    ticket expires, we *want* the process to hang. Otherwise, people with
    long running jobs will often find that their jobs error out
    inexplicably when their ticket expires.

    Who decided that? This seems completely wrong to me. If my credentials
    expire, I want to get permission denied, not a client hang. In 20 years of
    using authenticated file systems I never once wished my process had hung
    when my ticket expired.

    Why should this be any different from any other failure condition? If you
    try to open a file that doesn't exist, do you want your process to hang
    instead of getting ENOENT, just in case the file magically appears at some
    point in the future?

    This seems a recipe for disaster. Suppose I have a cron job that fires once
    a minute, and all those jobs hang waiting for a ticket. I come to work in
    the morning and discover I've got 10,000 hung processes. Or not, because my
    computer has crashed from resource exhaustion.

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