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Subject[RFC PATCH 0/2] powerpc: CPU cache op cleanup
Ok, so I have a work-in-progress patch for cleaning up the CPU cache
handling, and I'd like some comments on the approach.

It's not really split up, and it's kind of a huge patch because it
tries to tackle a lot of things at once. Unfortunately, I'm having a
hard time finding good clean places to break things apart.

Furthermore, I know 100% that it is not complete on PPC32 yet, and it
almost certainly does not build on PPC64 yet either.

These are the only files in arch/powerpc/ which have known-incorrect
references to L1_CACHE_* variables:

Unfortunately, I've been staring at PPC asm for long enough that I
have a migraine headache and I'm going to have to stop here for now.
If somebody else wants to tackle fixing up the 32-bit copy_page() and
__copy_tofrom_user() routines it would be highly appreciated.

Kyle Moffett

Curious about my work on the Debian powerpcspe port?
I'm keeping a blog here:

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