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    SubjectRE: [PATCH] kernel/cpu.c: Add right qualifiers for intel_thermal_interrupt() and cpu_hotplug_pm_sync_init()
    > > -int cpu_hotplug_pm_sync_init(void)
    > > +static int __init cpu_hotplug_pm_sync_init(void)
    > > {
    > > pm_notifier(cpu_hotplug_pm_callback, 0);
    > pm_notifier() macro will declare a static variable. I agree this won't
    > be any problem functionality-wise. But it doesn't seem elegant to say
    > "throw away the function but keep the static variable".
    > So, if you want to add __init qualifier to this function, I suggest
    > that
    > you declare the static variable outside the function, and call
    > register_pm_notifier() in the function, just to ensure it doesn't
    > obscure
    > things.
    Rmoving __init cpu_hotplug_pm_sync_init() function after boot time and keep the static data defined in pm_notifier() is a normal behavior and normal usage in kernel. Same notifier registration usage function examples are ia64_mca_init() and msic_init() in mrst.c. There are quite a few other similar static data in __init functions usage examples in kernel source code.

    So I would keep the same code in the patch.

    I'll send an updated patch just to change the title typo.



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