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SubjectRe: [PATCH] /dev/mem: Fix wrong error on accessing beyond valid memory addresses.
On 11/14/2011 02:11 PM, Andrei Warkentin wrote:
>> EOF seems wrong to me (not as bad as EFAULT, but still wrong).
> Although that was what we had discussed, I do not return -EOF in the patch. As you
> mention - that would be wrong. I played around with other devices (block, actually),
> and if you attempt to read(2) beyond the end, read(2) simply returns 0, as in
> zero bytes read out. Of course, lseek(2) beyond the end should return -EINVAL, as
> well, so that is what that patch I CCd you on accomplishes.

0 is EOF.

This is not a block device -- comparing to block devices is pointless.
There is no "end" to /dev/mem, so this is a totally meaningless comparison.


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