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My name is Martin Robert Byrnes and I am a United States citizen. I was the
head storage keeper for the United Nations storage facility in Iraq for 6
years. During that time I was involved in some lucrative business deals with
Iraqi citizens.

Unfortunately I was transferred from Iraq before I was able to safely move my
money out of Iraq. Due to this I am in need of some assistance to move my
money to ensure that it is safe. I was transferred to Afghanistan which has
limited my ability to be able to move my money on my own. It is for this
reason that I writing to you to ask for your assistance.

To move forward together I am offering you a business proposal. In order for
your help in moving my money out of Iraq I am willing to offer you a
of the total money. The amounts involved in this proposal will be disclosed
once we have established an open dialogue together.

I appreciate your understanding and I know that I will hear from you
as soon as
possible as this proposal is time sensitive.

Martin Robert Byrnes

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