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SubjectRe: Regression in thinkpad-acpi events
On środa, 9 listopada 2011 o 19:17:25 Natanji wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> first time posting on this last, and I'm not subscribed, so please CC
> any replies to me. ;)
> I'm running Kernel version 3.1-4 using Arch Linux (32 Bit) on a Thinkpad
> X60 Tablet. Since upgrading from a pre-3.1 kernel to a post-3.1 kernel,
> the Thinkpad-specific ACPI events (from thinkpad-acpi) are completely gone.
> This can be observed by using the acpi_listen command. For instance, no
> ACPI events happen when swiveling the display, and the sleep button returns
> button/sleep SBTN 00000080 00000000
> instead of the previous
> ibm/hotkey HKEY 00000080 00001004
> The bug was reported in the Arch Linux bugtracker [1] and it was
> suggested to report this upstream, so this is what I did now. Sadly I
> have no idea how I could find out if this is indeed a kernel bug or not;
> I have never compiled my own kernel so what I can give you is probably
> limited. But I suppose quite a few members of this list use a Thinkpad.
> If there is anything else I can help out with, just tell me.
> [1]

Can you check that 3.1 works or not? Or try bisection that it is regression
after 3.0 or 3.1 kernel.

Maciej Rutecki
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