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Subjectlinux-cr ported to 3.2-rc1
I have ported the linux-cr patches from
to the latest kernel (3.2-rc1). The tests (on x86_64) I have done so far
were successful. My repository with the C/R patches on top of 3.2-rc1 is
currently at:

The development on the linux-cr tree hast stopped sometime around 2.6.37
and although those patches have gone through many revisions I am not sure
about the latest state of those patches concerning inclusion. At what
point has the discussion stopped and why?

I have seen patches from Pavel about another approach for
checkpointing/restarting but I haven't heard anything about
that during the last months.

What are the chances to get one of the checkpointing/restarting
implementations included. What is still missing from the one I used?
What is the latest state of Pavel's patches?


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