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SubjectRe: linux-cr ported to 3.2-rc1
On 11/14/2011 07:13 PM, Adrian Reber wrote:
> I have ported the linux-cr patches from
> to the latest kernel (3.2-rc1). The tests (on x86_64) I have done so far
> were successful. My repository with the C/R patches on top of 3.2-rc1 is
> currently at:
> The development on the linux-cr tree hast stopped sometime around 2.6.37
> and although those patches have gone through many revisions I am not sure
> about the latest state of those patches concerning inclusion. At what
> point has the discussion stopped and why?

AFAIK very few people from the community support the idea of having the C/R
functionality implemented as the kernel subsystem.

> I have seen patches from Pavel about another approach for
> checkpointing/restarting but I haven't heard anything about
> that during the last months.
> What are the chances to get one of the checkpointing/restarting
> implementations included. What is still missing from the one I used?

The chances are ... quite high. We implement our C/R code in the userspace
and require very few pieces from kernel. So far 2 out of 3 proposed API
extensions were merged into -mm tree.

> What is the latest state of Pavel's patches?

The state right now is - we can dump and restore tasks with any types of
memory, open regular files and pipes with its contents. The code is currently
under internal review process. We're going to send the public RFC early next
week. Then go on with more resources to dump and restore.

> Adrian
> .

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