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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/2] TTY: tty flip buffer optimisation.
> Hi, the results are indeed nice. However is there any *real* load other
> than this tailor-made microbenchmark where the added code complexity is
> worth it?

I'm wondering if we need the complexity in the first place. Certainly 256
does seem a bit small for pty/tty traffic. A 'real world' benchmark would
be an ls -lR / on a machine with a fast graphics card or in console mode


ls -lR / # prime cache
time ls -lR /

and there are cases where people do a lot of traffic over a pty like this
so I don't think it's entirely fake.

I don't like the complexity but we could certainly go from using 256 byte
buffers to "tty->buf.bufsize" and make it configurable without
that complexity.


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