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Subject[ANNOUNCE] 3.2-rc1-rt1
Dear RT Folks,

I'm pleased to announce the 3.2-rc1-rt1 release.

It's a straight forward port of the 3.0-rt patch queue, which reduced
the patch size by more than 25% from 807k to 580k. The diffstat change

429 files changed, 10118 insertions(+), 3000 deletions(-)
318 files changed, 8871 insertions(+), 1858 deletions(-)

Thanks to all who helped polishing patches and bringing them mainline!

The test results on my reference machine are in the 3.0-rt ballpark
and I have not seen any frightening explosions so far.

3.2-rc1-rt is not against 3.2-rc1 - it's against the post rc1
commit 52e4c2a05256cb83cda12f3c2137ab1533344edb.;a=commit;h=52e4c2a05256cb83cda12f3c2137ab1533344edb

For non git users conveniance I uploaded a delta patch against

to get the base kernel on which the RT patch applies.

The RT patch against 3.2-rc1-52e4c2a05 can be found here:

The split quilt queue is available at:



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