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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix Corruption issue in USB ftdi driver drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio.c
> I don't know why it repeatedly tries to set this all the time - it
> would appear to be quite a lot of work so perhaps there is something
> else that could be cleaned up. This was the simplest safe change that
> fixed my problem. It appears this code hasn't changed very much since
> the first history information in git that I could see - so perhaps
> nobody else is really noticing this issue for some reason?

It could be a problem specific to some firmware or revision. We've had
a similar quirk with a different USB adapter. The actual calls to keep
changing it are coming from your application however.

> cflag = termios->c_cflag;
> - /* FIXME -For this cut I don't care if the line is really
> changing or
> - not - so just do the change regardless - should be able
> to
> - compare old_termios and tty->termios */
> + /* compare old_termios and tty->termios */
> + if (old_termios->c_cflag == termios->c_cflag)
> + goto no_c_cflag_changes;

You can't do it this way because the speed data is not entirely within
c_cflag. Check c_ispeed and c_ospeed match and for the parity if you want to skip
that check if the parity bits change specifically.


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