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SubjectRe: What about / Bug 37142 / Tuxonice developer going to quit development

On 01/11/11 21:14, Michael Leun wrote:
> Is there any timeline for bringing up again?
> I'm mainly asking because I was tracking
> Bug 37142 – [GM965/KMS/UXA] memory corruption on resume from hibernate
> a memory corruption issue which is around for quite some time, see
> that was March 2011. I suspect this bug might be there since
> introduction of KMS.
> My workaround since I noticed that bug was to use tuxonice for suspend
> to disk, what works perfectly (that in particular means without memory
> corruption), but unfortunately the current developer of tuxonice, Nigel
> Cunningham is going to stop development, see

I'm asking for input, not committing myself to stopping development
(yet). If there are good reasons to continue to maintain ToI, I'll
happily do that - I just have no idea at the moment how many people are
still saying "[u]swsusp doesn't work for me, TuxOnIce does."


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