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SubjectWhat about / Bug 37142 / Tuxonice developer going to quit development
Is there any timeline for bringing up again?

I'm mainly asking because I was tracking

Bug 37142 – [GM965/KMS/UXA] memory corruption on resume from hibernate

a memory corruption issue which is around for quite some time, see

that was March 2011. I suspect this bug might be there since
introduction of KMS.

My workaround since I noticed that bug was to use tuxonice for suspend
to disk, what works perfectly (that in particular means without memory
corruption), but unfortunately the current developer of tuxonice, Nigel
Cunningham is going to stop development, see

Rafael, Richard: What do you think is the current state of this bug?
Was it ever fixed for you?

As far as I remember in bugzilla 37142 there were patches floating
around, but they did'nt make any change for me. I didn't notice any
change on that bug until went down due to that security

At the moment I'm compiling a vanilla 3.1 to see if I still see this


Michael Leun

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