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Subjectwriteback tree status (for 3.2 merge window)

There are 3 patchsets sitting in the writeback tree.

1) IO-less dirty throttling v12

2) writeback reasons tracing from Curt Wohlgemuth

3) writeback queuing changes from Jan Kara and me

They have been merged into this branch testing in linux-next for a while:

Since (3) still has an unresolved issue (detailed in the below
links), it looks better to hold it back for this merge window.

The patches from (1,2) together with 2 tracing patches essential for
debugging (1) have been pushed to the "writeback-for-linus" branch:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/writeback-for-linus

If no objections, I'll send a pull request to Linus soon.


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