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SubjectRE: [GIT PULL] mm: frontswap (for 3.2 window)
> From: Andrew Morton []
> Subject: Re: [GIT PULL] mm: frontswap (for 3.2 window)
> On Tue, 1 Nov 2011 08:25:38 -0700 (PDT)
> Dan Magenheimer <> wrote:
> At kernel summit there was discussion and overall agreement that we've
> been paying insufficient attention to the big-picture "should we
> include this feature at all" issues. We resolved to look more
> intensely and critically at new features with a view to deciding
> whether their usefulness justified their maintenance burden. It seems
> that you're our crash-test dummy ;) (Now I'm wondering how to get
> "cgroups: add a task counter subsystem" put through the same wringer).
> I will confess to and apologise for dropping the ball on cleancache and
> frontswap. I was never really able to convince myself that it met the
> (very vague) cost/benefit test, but nor was I able to present
> convincing arguments that it failed that test. So I very badly went
> into hiding, to wait and see what happened. What we needed all those
> months ago was to have the discussion we're having now.
> This is a difficult discussion and a difficult decision. But it is
> important that we get it right. Thanks for you patience.

Thanks very much for your very kind response. Let me know if
I can do anything else to help the process other than continuing
the discussion of course. I'll be happy to help as soon as
I return from the crash-test-dummy hospital ;-)


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