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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/14] ARM : SAMSUNG : Add RS485 support.
> The opinion part...  I needed a timer to switch from transmit to
> receive after the FIFO was empty.  I started by using the low
> resolution timer using jiffies first.  I found that wasn't high enough
> resolution, so I switched to the Linux HRT. Currently I have both
> versions that can be selected by conditional compile.  Should I
> just remove the low resolution timer completely or leave it in.

I would just remove the low res one. They should degrade to low res
timer equivalence anyway.

> Second, I have a chunk of code that if it could be made to work
> could off load the receiving to DMA up to the last couple of bytes
> then switch back to interrupts for the token byte.  Should I leave
> that code in a #if 0 statement or should I just delete it.

Is it something that you are likely to debug or someone is going to
debug shortly ?
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