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Subject[PATCH] nfs: Fix unused variable warning from file.c
Fix the following unused variable warning.

fs/nfs/file.c: In function ‘nfs_file_release’:
fs/nfs/file.c:140:17: warning: unused variable ‘dentry’
fs/nfs/file.c: In function ‘nfs_file_read’:
fs/nfs/file.c:237:9: warning: unused variable ‘count’

Signed-off-by: Rakib Mullick <>

diff --git a/fs/nfs/file.c b/fs/nfs/file.c
index 28b8c3f..bd7dff0 100644
--- a/fs/nfs/file.c
+++ b/fs/nfs/file.c
@@ -137,11 +137,9 @@ nfs_file_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *filp)
static int
nfs_file_release(struct inode *inode, struct file *filp)
- struct dentry *dentry = filp->f_path.dentry;
dprintk("NFS: release(%s/%s)\n",
- dentry->d_parent->,
- dentry->;
+ filp->f_path.dentry->d_parent->,
+ filp->f_path.dentry->;

nfs_inc_stats(inode, NFSIOS_VFSRELEASE);
return nfs_release(inode, filp);
@@ -234,14 +232,13 @@ nfs_file_read(struct kiocb *iocb, const struct iovec *iov,
struct dentry * dentry = iocb->ki_filp->f_path.dentry;
struct inode * inode = dentry->d_inode;
ssize_t result;
- size_t count = iov_length(iov, nr_segs);

if (iocb->ki_filp->f_flags & O_DIRECT)
return nfs_file_direct_read(iocb, iov, nr_segs, pos);

dprintk("NFS: read(%s/%s, %lu@%lu)\n",
dentry->d_parent->, dentry->,
- (unsigned long) count, (unsigned long) pos);
+ (unsigned long) iov_length(iov, nr_segs), (unsigned long) pos);

result = nfs_revalidate_mapping(inode, iocb->ki_filp->f_mapping);
if (!result) {

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