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SubjectRe: where to report bugs while is down?
On Nov 01 Lars Noodén wrote:
> has been down for a while and it may be a while
> before it is up again. In the mean time how should bugs be reported?

Bugs should be reported on LKML and/or if applicable on a respective
subsystem mailinglist. (See MAINTAINERS file of the kernel source.)

Even when comes back, report bugs preferably to
mailinglists. Bugzilla is a bug tracker, not so much a reporting tool.
Some maintainers and the good people who track kernel regressions make use
of to keep record of bugs. Furthermore, it can of
course be used by reporters too especially if they need to upload
screenshots of a kernel panic or large log files etc..

(That said, bug reports which are entered into bugzilla instead of posted
to a mailinglist are usually forwarded to people or mailinglists who might
be able to handle them.)
Stefan Richter
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