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SubjectRE: [PATCH] i2c-gpio.c: correct logic of pdata->scl_is_open_drain
On Tuesday, November 01, 2011 1:02 AM, Voss, Nikolaus wrote:
>> It is never correct to use push-pull I/O for i2c, so the flag does not
>> specify the desired behavior of the driver, it specifies what the
>> hardware has been configured to do so that the driver can choose the
>> cheapest way to do open-drain I/O.
> Ok, seems rather logical after all.
>> And even if you could argue that the flag should be inverted, it has
>> had the same meaning since the driver was introduced several years
>> ago, so changing it now will break every single platform which
>> currently uses i2c-gpio.
> I completely agree.

Just for the record...

The GPIO pins used for I2C on the ep93xx platform can be configured as
open-drain I/O pins. When they are, and external pull-ups are applied
to the signals, the I2C bus works correctly when the "is_open_drain"
flags are set. If the pull-ups are missing the bus does not work.
If the "is_open_drain" flags are not set, the I2C bus works correctly
regardless of the existence of the pull-ups.

Based on that I think the i2c-gpio driver's use of the "is_open_drain"
flags is correct.


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