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SubjectRe: powerpc 476, Little-endian, pte fault
On Tue, 2011-11-01 at 08:32 +0530, Santosh Kumar wrote:
> I am using the same compiler as 476 & 440 instruction is almost the same.

Well the 476 implements ISA 2.05, which I think has added a fair amount
over the 440. Not to mention the 476 core that has been released has
a FP unit. I'll note that GCC has support for a 476 with and without
a FP unit, even though AFAIK, we only ship one with a FP unit.
The relevant options are -mcpu=476 (no FP unit) and -mcpu=476fp
(with FP unit). Basically, -mcpu=476 is equivalent to
-mcpu=476fp -msoft-float.

> @@ -53,7 +58,12 @@
> mullw r10,r0,r4 # and get the remainder
> add r8,r8,r0
> subf r6,r10,r6
> 4: stw r7,0(r3) # return the quotient in *r3
> stw r8,4(r3)
> +#else
> +4: stw r7,0(r3) # return the quotient in *r3
> + stw r8,4(r3)
> +#endif
> mr r3,r6 # return the remainder in r3
> blr

This looks like a typo, since you didn't actually swap the offsets
on the stw's like you did in all of the other patch hunks.


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