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SubjectRe: What about / Bug 37142 / Tuxonice developer going to quit development
On Tue, 1 Nov 2011 13:20:59 +0100
richard -rw- weinberger <> wrote:

> > So, you might want to try if you can cure your dying HW with some
> > tuxonice ;-)
> I've never used tuxonice. What makes it so special?

A few years ago, at least for me, it was the first really usable suspend
to disk solution working almost out of the box.

From linux/Documentation/power/tuxonice.txt (some of that seems to be
outdated with the current in kernel implementation):

4. Why not just use the version already in the kernel?

The version in the vanilla kernel has a number of drawbacks. The most
serious of these are:
- it has a maximum image size of 1/2 total memory;
- it doesn't allocate storage until after it has snapshotted
memory. This means that you can't be sure hibernating will work
until you see it start to write the image;
- it does not allow you to press escape to cancel a cycle;
- it does not allow you to press escape to cancel resuming;
- it does not allow you to automatically swapon a file when
starting a cycle;
- it does not allow you to use multiple swap partitions or
- it does not allow you to use ordinary files;
- it just invalidates an image and continues to boot if you
accidentally boot the wrong kernel after hibernating;
- it doesn't support any sort of nice display while hibernating;
- it is moving toward requiring that you have an
initrd/initramfs to ever have a hope of resuming (uswsusp). While
uswsusp will address some of the concerns above, it won't address
all of them, and will be more complicated to get set up;
- it doesn't have support for suspend-to-both (write a
hibernation image, then suspend to ram; I think this is known as
ReadySafe under M$).


Michael Leun

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