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SubjectRe: A Plumber’ s Wish List for Linux
On Fri, Oct 07, 2011 at 01:17:02AM +0200, Kay Sievers wrote:


> * simple, reliable and future-proof way to detect whether a specific pid
> is running in a CLONE_NEWPID container, i.e. not in the root PID
> namespace. Currently, there are available a few ugly hacks to detect

Is that precisely what's needed or would it be sufficient to know
that the pid is running in a child pid namespace of the current pid
namespace? If so, I think this could eventually be done by comparing
the inode numbers assigned to /proc/<pid>/ns/pid to those of

> * Add a timerslack cgroup controller, to allow increasing the timer
> slack of user session cgroups when the machine is idle.

There were patches for a timerslack cgroup controller but for some
reason (I don't recall why) they stalled. It might be worth digging
through the containers mailing list archives.

-Matt Helsley

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