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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/30] ARM/omap: omap specific randconfig fixes
On Monday 03 October 2011 10:35:25 Santosh Shilimkar wrote:

> > The entire set is also available from
> > git pull git:// randconfig/omap
> >
> > but I have not yet pulled them into the for-next branch.
> >
> Do you have any scripts to create these randconfigs ?
> These are useful to run on newer set of patches also to get all
> builds right first place.

Yes, see the for-next+randconfig branch of
git:// It has all my patches
and a script.

Right now, I'm trying to get a baseline upstream, since I have around 150
patches that are needed to always build ten platforms successfully.

The main problem is that you basically need all the patches I did in order
to find regressions, and some of the device driver patches are not currently
in a state where I could submit them. I hope that by the time of the 3.3
merge window, I have enough patches upstream that you no longer need to
pull in an extra tree.

Thanks a lot for your review of the omap set!


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