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    SubjectRe: [Intel-gfx] [PATCH 9/9] drm/i915: Initialize PCH refclks at modeset init time
    On Tue, 27 Sep 2011 11:11:57 -0700
    Keith Packard <> wrote:

    > On Tue, 27 Sep 2011 17:56:39 +0100, Chris Wilson <> wrote:
    > > Ah, now I see why we moved from using the active configuration earlier. ;-)
    > My evil plan is revealed!
    > > Doesn't this prevent us from ever using SSC though, as virtually every
    > > single PCH machine has HDMI encoders that haven't been masked out through
    > > the chicken fuses or VBT?
    > That wasn't my intent -- the SSC source gets modulated whenever the VBT
    > table says it can, so when the panel uses the SSC source, it will get
    > SSC. Did I mess something up here? Or is it just some interaction with
    > the mode setting code that I didn't get right?

    Assuming we're selecting the proper reference clock in the PLL
    selection code anyway...

    Doing it all up front seems nicer; did you get confirmation that the
    "wavy VGA" bug was fixed with this series? Overall seems like a good
    improvement over our old PCH refclk code...

    Jesse Barnes, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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