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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 4/6] mm: Only IPI CPUs to drain local pages if they exist
    On 10/23/2011 11:56 AM, Gilad Ben-Yossef wrote:
    > Use a cpumask to track CPUs with per-cpu pages in any zone
    > and only send an IPI requesting CPUs to drain these pages
    > to the buddy allocator if they actually have pages.

    > +/* Which CPUs have per cpu pages */
    > +cpumask_var_t cpus_with_pcp;
    > +static DEFINE_PER_CPU(unsigned long, total_cpu_pcp_count);

    Does the flushing happen so frequently that it is worth keeping this
    state on a per-cpu basis, or would it be better to check each CPU's
    pcp info and assemble a cpumask at flush time like done in patch 5?

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