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    SubjectRe: [BUG] Re: mtd_stresstest module bricked my dockstar
    On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 09:32:42PM +0200, Roland Kletzing wrote:

    CCing the mtd-list...

    > Hello,
    > cc`ing correct email of Adrian Hunter and i found that
    > mtd_torturetest (and the
    > other modules) have the same issue and there is another author i
    > could find the
    > email for.
    > >If you can't restore it with JTAG, it means the hardware is really dead.
    > >JTAG is used when you blank the flash, and is supposed to work. I don't
    > >know what the module does, but I fail to see how to could wear the flash
    > >that fast. At worst it could have wiped it, or the flash was already bad.
    > Yes, i think accidentally insmodding "mtd_stresstest" has just
    > wiped it, not killed.
    > The problem is, that it is important stuff for booting and you can`t
    > pull it out and
    > re-write externally, like a disk. Sorry, i that was probably not
    > clearly stated.
    > Anyway - what would people think if linux had a kernel module which wipes
    > /dev/sda1 when loaded ? :)
    > >I got one Iomega Iconnect with a faulty flash that I got replaced for a
    > >good one, so it's more likely the case here.
    > Yes, i could give debricking with JTAG a try. But what about the
    > cost for the JTAG
    > and the work to be spent with it? I could buy another Dockstar for that.....
    > >I agree with you. I remember the very old ISA NE2000 driver who used to
    > >scan various addresses to find a NIC, causing some of them to reconfigure
    > >their address to *none* and definitely stop responding on the bus to any
    > >reconfiguration request. That was pretty annoying too. After killing a
    > >few, I stopped using Linux on a machine with such a NIC for a long time!
    > Oh, that could be an explanation why i had 2 broken NE2000 NICs in
    > the nineties.. ;)
    > >You should keep it and retry the JTAG adapter. You just need a boot loader
    > >so if you manage to find a usable memory location that you can select by
    > >soldering two pins together, you could manage to store it and bood from
    > >another device.
    > I`m sure debricking with JTAG is possible and it would be an
    > interesting task.
    > Maybe i like to spend some money and time with this one day. For now
    > i don`t.
    > In the meantime i`d rather being interested in what can be done to add more
    > safety to the mtd tests.
    > By writing these lines and looking into the source, i started
    > getting curious - i
    > see there is dev param with that module(s), but i did not pass a
    > device number,
    > nor did i pass anything to it.
    > in
    > i see:
    > static int dev; <-!
    > module_param(dev, int, S_IRUGO);
    > MODULE_PARM_DESC(dev, "MTD device number to use");
    > static int count = 10000;
    > module_param(count, int, S_IRUGO);
    > MODULE_PARM_DESC(count, "Number of operations to do (default is 10000)");
    > and then
    > static int __init mtd_stresstest_init(void)
    > {
    > int err;
    > int i, op;
    > uint64_t tmp;
    > printk(KERN_INFO "\n");
    > printk(KERN_INFO "=================================================\n");
    > printk(PRINT_PREF "MTD device: %d\n", dev);
    > mtd = get_mtd_device(NULL, dev);
    > if (IS_ERR(mtd)) {
    > err = PTR_ERR(mtd);
    > printk(PRINT_PREF "error: cannot get MTD device\n");
    > return err;
    > }
    > My kernel log showed:
    > mtd_stresstest: MTD device: 0
    > mtd_stresstest: MTD device size 1048576 etc...
    > So, apparenly the module accidentally picked mtd0 instead of exiting
    > cleanly (as
    > i did not pass a device number)
    > I`m not a programmer, but doesn`t look that like an "unitialized
    > variable" issue ?
    > If yes, then i would call my Dockstar "victim of a bug".

    No, that's okay. Check

    I wonder though, if it makes sense to initialize it with -EINVAL or something,
    so a user is forced to use the dev-module parameter?



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