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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] LSM: Do not apply mmap_min_addr check to PROT_NONE mappings
> I feel like, and it's just a very vague feeling, that the PROT bits
> didn't matter to the kernel. It would still happily execute stuff on
> page 0 even without PROT_EXEC at some point in the past. I'm probably
> totally off base, and I could test it, but I sort of feel like I
> remember something like that....

Saying that PROT_EXEC might not be enforced is quite a different thing than
saying "PROT bits don't matter". It's certainly the case that in some past
kernel versions, some hardware (older x86 chips), some configurations (x86
non-PAE), and some modes (READ_IMPLIES_EXEC personality stuff), what you
can read, you can execute. I sincerely doubt it's ever been the case that
anything mapped as PROT_NONE could be accessed in any manner.


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