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    SubjectRe: mtd_stresstest module bricked my dockstar
    Hello Roland,

    On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 08:37:46PM +0200, Roland Kletzing wrote:
    > It may be that it`s not recommended or considered "best practise" to load all sorts of unkown modules (i.e. find /lib/modules.... -name "*.ko"....)  - but people do (see[] ). And it`s not obvious that it`s THAT dangerous. And for me this is the first time Linux REALLY managed to badly brick my hardware in such a rigorous way.  Maybe someone can understand that i`m not really amused, as there is no easy way to recover, as seen on[

    If you can't restore it with JTAG, it means the hardware is really dead.
    JTAG is used when you blank the flash, and is supposed to work. I don't
    know what the module does, but I fail to see how to could wear the flash
    that fast. At worst it could have wiped it, or the flash was already bad.

    I got one Iomega Iconnect with a faulty flash that I got replaced for a
    good one, so it's more likely the case here.

    > Luckily, i got that dockstar for cheap and have some more, so let`s call that "shit really happens".
    > I don`t want to accuse anybody, that module has it`s purpose, but please consider adding more safeguard against such issues.

    I agree with you. I remember the very old ISA NE2000 driver who used to
    scan various addresses to find a NIC, causing some of them to reconfigure
    their address to *none* and definitely stop responding on the bus to any
    reconfiguration request. That was pretty annoying too. After killing a
    few, I stopped using Linux on a machine with such a NIC for a long time!

    > ps:
    > Someone want the Dockstar for spending the hours and the money for debrick ? Or for extracting gold and other precious metals from electronic waste ? ;)

    You should keep it and retry the JTAG adapter. You just need a boot loader
    so if you manage to find a usable memory location that you can select by
    soldering two pins together, you could manage to store it and bood from
    another device.


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