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SubjectRe: AHCI not working with VT-d enabled
On 10/19/2011 06:04 AM, Tobias Geiger wrote:
> Hi,
> short description of my problem is:
> with vt-d enabled in bios the sata 6g ports are not recognized;
> when vt-d is disabled the sata6g ports work...
> Sata ports are on
> 04:00.0 SATA controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 9120 (rev 12)
> kernel is 3.1.0-rc8+
> Dmesg with vt-d enabled is here:
> Thanks for your input on this!
> Greetings
> Tobias

I think we've had another report about this. This is the error that's
being hit:

[ 1.056549] DRHD: handling fault status reg 2
[ 1.056612] DMAR:[DMA Write] Request device [04:00.1] fault addr fffe0000
[ 1.056614] DMAR:[fault reason 02] Present bit in context entry is clear

Essentially it seems that this Marvell controller can produce PCIe
transactions from the wrong device function (in this case presumably
from the PATA part of the controller on function 1 instead of the AHCI
part on function 0), and the IOMMU is blocking the access since the PATA
function hasn't had any DMA mapping set up.

Not sure what we can do about this.. maybe some kind of PCI quirk for
this device?

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