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SubjectRe: lsusd - The Linux SUSpend Daemon
On Fri, 21 Oct 2011, Alan Stern wrote:

> > Maybe we could do something with futexes...
> Not easily -- as far as I can tell, futexes enjoy relatively little
> support. In any case, they provide the same service as a mutex, which
> means you'd have to build a shared lock on top of them.

It occurred to me that we could create a new type of special file, one
intended to help with interprocess synchronization. It would support
locking (shared or exclusive, blocking or non-blocking) and the poll
system call -- the file would appear to be ready for reading whenever a
shared lock wouldn't block and ready for writing whenever an exclusive
lock wouldn't block. Actual reads and writes wouldn't have to do
anything, although maybe someone could suggest a use for them.

Alan Stern

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