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SubjectRe: Keyboard and mouse issues on MacBook Air (4,2)
I'm making progress in this issue:

I've just grabbed the whole list of manuals for all MacBook Airs from the Apple page
and had a look at the keyboard layout in the manual:

air 2008: new

13" air late 2010: old
11" air late 2010: old

11" air mid 2011: new
13" air mid 2011: new

table_new = with keyboard backlight keys, f5 mapped to backlight down -> apple_fn_keys
table_old = f5 has no fn-special meaning -> macbookair_fn_keys

Reviewing drivers/hid/hid-apple.c you were absolutely right, the
apple_fn_keys[] maps correctly.

The missing bit to correct my previous patch: To which device IDs do the devices
named above match to? I.e. is USB_DEVICE_ID_APPLE_WELLSPRING6_* the
MacBook Air 4,2?



p.s.: sorry for the noise, was a bit confused.

PGP key: 7ED9 F7D3 6B10 81D7 0EC5 5C09 D7DC C8E4 3187 7DF0

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