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    SubjectRe: Keyboard and mouse issues on MacBook Air (4,2)
    On Wed, 19 Oct 2011, Nico Schottelius wrote:

    > > [...]
    > > I've attached the xev output of fn+{F1-F12}.
    > >
    > > F1-F4 are correct, though
    > > F3 = Expose on MacOS X (**)
    > > F4 = Dashboard (**)
    > > F5: not mapped at all: Is KeyboardLightDecrease on MacOSX (*)
    > > F6 is XF86AudioPrev incorrect: Should be KeyboardLightIncrease (*)
    > > F7 is XF86AudioPlay incorrect: Should be XF86AudioPrev
    > > F8 is XF86AudioNext incorrect: Should be XF86AudioPlay
    > > F9 is XF86AudioMute incorrect: Should be XF86AudioNext
    > > F10 is XF86AudioLowerVolume incorrect: Should be XF86AudioMute
    > > F11 is XF86AudioRaiseVolume incorrect: Should be XF86AudioLowerVolume
    > > F12 is XF86Eject incorrect: Should be XF86AudioRaiseVolume
    > >
    > > Thus F7-12 are shifted by one to left in reality and as the MacBook Air
    > if I want to correct these bugs, which tree should I use as the base?
    > And when I corrected those, to whom to submit?


    please use hid tree, for-next branch. The tree is located on

    > I guess the general approach would be to branch out, if it's a mba4,2,
    > then apply the following mapping, correct?

    Yes, there are mapping tables in hid-apple.c already, so just introduce a
    new one.

    I am a bit surprised that they are needed though, the original report
    stated that the the table is identical to the one that is already there

    Jiri Kosina
    SUSE Labs

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