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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/X] uprobes: write_opcode() needs put_page(new_page) unconditionally
> Every write_opcode()->__replace_page() leaks the new page on success.
> We have the reference after alloc_page_vma(), then __replace_page()
> does another get_page() for the new mapping, we need put_page(new_page)
> in any case.
> Alternatively we could remove __replace_page()->get_page() but it is
> better to change write_opcode(). This way it is simpler to unify the
> code with ksm.c:replace_page() and we can simplify the error handling
> in write_opcode(), the patch simply adds a single page_cache_release()
> under "unlock_out" label.

I have folded this change and your other suggested changes into my patches.

Thanks and Regards

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