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    SubjectRe: Answers to some common account questions
    Hi Greg,

    On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 09:21:00AM -0600, Greg KH wrote:
    > The "robot signing" of uploaded files that was used in the past is no
    > longer considered to be sufficiently secure, so a new policy has been
    > instituted. A new tool ("kup") has been developed to help with the
    > implementation of that policy; it works in a manner similar to the
    > upload system used by the Debian project.
    > The kup tool will require developers to sign files with their PGP key
    > prior to uploading to This mechanism will keep the private
    > signing keys from ever being stored on (or any other server).
    > More information will be made available once the file upload capability
    > is restored.

    Please reassure me, we will only have to upload the sig, not the whole
    file ? I'm assuming that it will still be possible to generate the files
    from the git tree (which should produce the exact same file, hence the
    same sig). I'm asking because uploading 2*75 MB kernels will take slightly
    more than two hours at full load assuming the link does not break at all
    during this time, while a git push of one hundred patches only takes a
    few seconds. This is a huge difference in efficiency and reliability !


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